How children are the inspiration behind every design

As a mum of two amazing children, I know that there is nothing on earth more precious than our children. As a parent, we aim to do the best we can, by providing a loving and stable home, where we can nurture our children and help them to develop and grow.

My name is Sam Churchill and you can find me drawing, designing and lost in creating wall art to promote happiness and comfort, by creating visual stimuli and imagery that will make any nursery or child’s bedroom feel special, safe, cosy and loved.

~ Sam Churchill
Digiprint Suite CEO

My wall art is carefully designed and selected, to provide babies and children with the opportunity to explore and develop their visual curiosity as they grow and develop. 

Prior to giving birth to my first son Duke, I taught for 5 years in a secondary school. Using my combined passion for teaching and knowledge and understanding of child development and psychology, I began to produce art work for babies and children, to aid them throughout their developmental stages. Research has shown that babies who are provided with powerful visual stimulation from colours, shapes and patterns, are more likely to develop better brain growth and faster visual development. As well as encouraging their physical, emotional and cognitive development, visual stimulation in babies helps them to promote curiosity and an interest in exploring their world. 

My time with my family is precious and I learn as much from playing and listening to my children, as they do from me. I see possibilities in the beauty all around us, from the wonderful adventures I am taken on and from the places that we visit together. Every day inspires new ideas, dreams and experiences, which are then developed and created into wall art, specifically designed with children at the heart.

What I create…….

Not only focuses on providing visual stimuli for your child, but also focuses on the simplicity your children will enjoy and creating designs that will be adored.

I am a fun, loving, imaginative soul with a true passion for design.

Inspired by my own children and my love of teaching, I decided to, following the birth of my second son Wyatt, take a leap of faith and from that, digiprint suite was born! 🙂

~ Sam & the Churchill boys